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Why natural Brazilian locks?

You want to enjoy longer hair. Or you want to benefit from more hair volume. We advise you to opt for natural Brazilian locks. But which wicks should you choose? It is important to take into account several criteria to choose the best wicks. We present them to you below.

You want a natural effect

If you want to have a hair with the most natural effect possible, opt for grade A wicks. The grades define the naturalness of the wick Then the grade gets closer to the letter A and the more the wick is natural.

Natural Brazilian wicks can be of grade A but also AA, AAA to AAAAA. Also choose virgin Remy Hair locks. This designation means that the locks are natural and come from real human hair. Also, no chemicals have been added to it. You can thus serve yourself as you see fit.

Besilian wick

There are many reasons to opt for natural Brazilian locks.

That's it, you change your haircut and you want to create a new look. You have done your research and you still hesitate between the Brazilian locks and the classic natural wig. Here is some important information before choosing natural Brazilian lock solutions or another hair extension technique.

Change of hairstyles thanks to the locks

Do you want to change haircuts suddenly? But you don't want to wait months for your hair to grow or grow. Then you have opted for natural Brazilian locks. So you can make new hairstyles. No matter how you wear them, the wicks are the solution for your desires. Weaving, extensions or wig, we show you what hairstyles you can do depending on the technique you choose.

lock of natural hair

Wear your natural Brazilian locks in a wig

What hairstyles to do with a wig? Favor low hairstyles. And if you opt for tall hairstyles such as the bun, be sure to let small strands of hair fall on your face. In fact, the goal is that the border between your face and the wig is not too visible.

For low hairstyles, don't deny yourself anything. Loose hair, low ponytail, pigtails or a braid on the side. Take advantage of wearing locks to make new hairstyles.

What hairstyle to do with a weaving?

Weaving is the name given to natural Brazilian locks sewn onto your own hair. So you can move your head as you wish and your locks remain fixed on your head.

With weaving, also favor low hairstyles. Unless you have chosen to close your weaving with a frontal lace. This one, also composed of natural Brazilian locks gives a more than natural effect to your hairstyle. In this case you can do all the hairstyles you want.

Are extensions more practical?

It depends on whether they are visible or not. If they are, prefer low hairstyles. Otherwise it is the solution you need to make haircuts worthy of American stars.

Extensions are also made up of natural wicks depending on what you choose. They then blend perfectly into your hair.

The texture of the locks is more than important

Choose natural Brazilian locks with a texture similar to your own hair if you opt for extensions. The extensions will melt into your hair mass. If your locks and hair have the same texture, the effect will be successful.

If you opt for a wig or a weaving, choose the texture you want. Natural Brazilian wicks completely cover your head, so do as you wish.

You have a limited budget

If you are on a tight budget, be aware that Remy Hair Grade A locks are quite expensive. Grade B wicks up to F are cheaper. Unfortunately the natural effect is not guaranteed.

Take care to choose the most natural wicks possible that fit your budget. To ask them, it is imperative to go to a professional. The installation will be perfect and will last a long time.