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Brazilian weaving for frizzy hair

Brazilian weaving is an increasingly popular technique among black women. With basic frizzy hair, weaving allows you to rest your hair or take on another texture temporarily. Weaving indeed offers several advantages for women with frizzy hair. We detail the different possible weaving methods in the article below.

Increasingly sophisticated method

The method is more and more sophisticated and more and more technical. Brazilian weaving is one of the hairstyles most made by drowning women. It allows you, in a few minutes, to have straight hair, wavy hair, curly or even frizzy if you want to let others rest.

Regarding the length, it also varies depending on the weaving you prefer. You can opt for long, short or semi-long weavings. But Brazilian weaving also allows you to change your hair color in minutes. You can opt for a weaving of the color you want. There are even pink weavings.

All about the Brazilian weaving technique

The weaving technique consists in adding locks of hair to your natural hair. This is wrapped around your scalp using braids. The hairdresser sews the locks of your Brazilian weave on your braids.

It is therefore possible for frizzy hair to change haircuts and to vary. And that whether your hair is straightened or not. There is no minimum length for you to opt for Brazilian weaving. The important thing is that your natural hair is strong enough to support weaving. Otherwise they will break.

Weaving methods are now of high quality

Weaving methods have evolved, they are now of high quality. The poorly made and false weaving that catches the eye of those around us is now an ancient story. The method in vogue now is that of Brazilian weaving natural effect.

Weaving is now an accessory that you adapt to your current look. Your entourage does not even suspect that it is not your hair.