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Brazilian weaving or wig?

The advantages and disadvantages in order to make an appropriate and informed choice.

Nature is well done, but it takes time to grow things and the same goes for hair. Naturally if you get up in the morning with the desire to see your hair grow 10 centimeters, this will not be possible.

However, there are intermediate solutions to time. Indeed for years now it is possible to lengthen the hair with two solutions offered by hair professionals. It's about adding extensions, also called Brazilian weaving or to resort to the wig. But what is the most interesting solution?


Weaving or extension is a hairstyle technique which consists in fixing locks on natural hair in order to create effects in length or volume in certain situations.

It exists different extension processing lines from Brazil, India, Peru and Malaysia.

Virgin hair are by definition Remy, that is to say that the scales of cuticles are all oriented in the same sense in order to preserve longevity, life expectancy and the good look of your hairstyle. A Remy hair is also brighter, more toned.

Hair extension can be done from different ways. Band technique which consists of glue the extensions with a special adhesive et harmless for hair.

The pique technique which consists in fixing the extension with an elastic thread.

The connector technique, this passes the locks of your hair and the extensions in a ring which will then be clamped with pliers.

Le african weaving meanwhile, is achieved using plated mats made with the existing hair to sew in the extensions.

The latter is often used in hair salons for frizzy and curly hair. This allows women to benefit from longer or different types of hair (curly, straight ...) for several weeks.

brazilian weaving

Advantages of Brazilian weaving

Advantages are many but the main thing you will understand is to allow people who have wavy, curly, curly hair to enjoy smooth hair for a long time and different lengths.

Le change of look occupies an important place in this method since you can operate it quickly without waiting for the time to work for hair growth which is around 1,5 cm per year.

Finally, Brazilian weaving, allows modify, length, color, quality and volume of hair without having to touch her natural hair. The different qualities sold on the market allow to have a dream mane, at a time fresh, flexible, light and shiny.

Il protected your hair from external aggressions, cold, wind, UV, even friction, all this will no longer scare you. Especially if you are wearing a closed weave, the ends and lengths of hair are protected and will grow without being damaged.

To finish on different types of weaving, these vary according to your desires of the moment. Prefer a closed weaving if you want hide all your hair. In this case, all of your natural hair will be braided and replaced with extensions. None of your hair will be worked, therefore this technique is considered the most protective.

Weaving half head will be chosen if you want to keep a part of your natural hair by simply adding a little texture or length.

There is also a third technique called open weaving technique, which allows to leave some visible natural wicks. The difficulty lies in ensuring that natural hair merges perfectly with extensions in terms of colors, gradient and textures.

Disadvantages of Brazilian weaving

With regard to many benefits du brazilian weaving, many women are tempted by the adventure. However, it is better to know the advantages, but the disadvantages, before crossing the course.

You will understand very quickly ladies, as your hair is hidden, it is difficult to maintain and care for them and wash them. The risk of especially breaks at the temples is quite important (but not systematic). This is true if you use extensions of poor quality (Made in China) synthetic and composed of products relatively aggressive for your hair.

It is not recommended to wear a weave more than 5 weeks but also to chain these without pausing between two. A period 15 days is recommended between the poses new weavings.

If you chain weaving on weaving, you go smother the root of your hair and you're going to have significant hair loss (ex Naomi Campbell). Who at 42 seems to pay the price.

In conclusion, if you respect this rule coupled with good nourishing care between each pose, your hair will grow normally and will not have any consequences. It is always abuse who is dangerous, not the occasional.

Choose therefore, weaving open on the front or half-head which unlike closed weaving do not smother the bulb hair.



There are similarities between wigs and extensions who reside in manufacturing. Indeed the process is the same. The wigs are either made with real hair or synthetic, we prefer the first for obvious reasons on the hold of the hair, shine or to avoid certain allergies that can be caused by certain synthetic products, harmful to the scalp or your natural hair.

If we are talking here above all about change of look, the wig is also offered in the medical environment, especially when people have hair loss related to drug treatment (such as certain chemotherapy).

If we talk about wig, you can't miss the quasi indet wigsectables, called Lace Front Wig or Lace Wig. Unlike a classic wig with sharp edges or bumps on the forehead. In addition, its design is slightly different as its texture and the feel it offers are enough to bluff..

For the wig or Lace Wig, and depending on the quality of the wig, natural, Brazilian, Indian, Chinese or synthetic fibers are implanted manually in the sense of growth on a tulle base (transparent veil). This is what gives the illusion that the hair that makes up the wig comes out of the scalp. It really is breathtaking realism.

Anyone can wear a wig or Lace Wig. Adults, children, adolescents. Afro-Caribbean, Maghrebian or European. In addition, the wigs can also be used as hair prostheses.

The pose can do it yourself or you can call your hairdresser. Depending on the model chosen, with or without glue, the outfit can go up to 6 weeks. Some are fixed with pins that attach to the existing hair, adjustment elastics located at the back of the wig or the Lace Wig allow to obtain a perfect tightening for optimal support.

Benefits of the wig

Le premier advantage is that wig looks natural. In the street, no one will notice it's not your natural hair.

Since this is natural hair, they have a longer lifespan. The hair stays more beautiful and silky longer.

Le change of look also matters, it has certain advantages. You can customize them because the natural hair that composes it, supports hair styling devices and even certain hair products.

Finally, they work in the same way as your hair natural.

Disadvantages of the wig

As with your natural hair, wigs react to variations and vagaries of the weather. They can therefore curl, swell flatten with humidity or heat.

In the same way the sun can make them lose their hue. The hair oxidizes and the color fades.

You will also need re-styling your wig after each shampoo and get it back into shape. This exercise is far from being easy to do yourself!

Don't brush your wig's hair too brutally, or straighteners or curling irons, too often you could break them.

To finish off natural wigs, can be heavier than synthetic wigs, for a similar hairstyle and length.

So ! Brazilian weaving or wig?

You hold now all the elements to make an informed choice and according to your desires. There is no right or wrong choice between the two. It is above all a question of taste and your ability to bring your desires to life.

Wig may be available in several colors and several cuts. Extensions can also be colored and laid according to the desired cut.

However, the price of the two solutions will weigh in the balance and help you choose. It takes 150 € to 350 € for the installation of extensions per package from India. So natural "Remi". Naturally you will find a multitude of extensions at low prices, but once again think quality in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The wig varies depending on the length, color and quality. Count on a 100% Remi quality natural wig, from € 370 to € 1900.