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Wet trend with Brazilian weaving

The wet hairstyle is more and more trendy among the stars. More and more stars use this hairstyle which, suddenly, democratizes. This is the trend of the moment. The wet effect with the hair plastered back attracted many women. You will find out in the article below how to use the wet hairstyle on a Brazilian weave. Find out how to adopt it to be on top.

What Brazilian weaving for this hairstyle?

As we stated, the wet hairstyle is a wet effect that pulls the hair back. You must then have closed your weaving. We must not see the demarcation between your forehead and the weaving.

To close your weaving, use a top closure. It is an element that closes your Brazilian weaving at the forehead. This makes it look like your hair is coming straight out of your scalp. So you can put your hair back without any problem.

The steps to achieve a wet hairstyle

The wet hairstyle effect is obtained in 5 minutes. This hairstyle is trendy but easy to achieve at the same time. First, make sure you have stiff Brazilian locks. The wet hairstyle is much prettier when it is on straight hair.

Then you need to start by wetting your hair. Brush them well so that they are perfectly smooth. Then, without drying your hair, directly apply a fixing styling cream, like a gel but less hard.

You must apply yourself to apply the product uniformly and everywhere so that the rendering is intact. In order not to damage your Brazilian weaving, we advise you to mix serum with styling cream. This serum can be restorative or it can be a few drops of coconut oil good for the hair.

How to take care of your Brazilian weaving

This hairstyle can be a little aggressive because of the fixing product. If your weaving is made of real human hair, it can damage them. So pamper your weaving. Apply a nourishing mask 2 times a week after each hair wash.

Also pay attention to the styling cream you choose. Opt for a less chemical cream.