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The advantages of Brazilian weaving

It's summer and you want to change your haircut? It's the perfect time to reinvent yourself and adopt a new look. But do you have too short hair or are you afraid of cutting your hair? How to do ? The Brazilian weaving technique allows you to add natural hair from Brazil to your current hair. All with a hyper natural effect. We give you some tips in this article.

Changing cuts thanks to Brazilian weaving

Weaving is not extensions! Because the hair is literally sewn or glued to your head in unclipped so it's much easier to style and work for you!

Brazilian weaving can be done in 2 different ways:

  • The technique, for a natural effect, is to plait the hair all around the head then to sew with a special needle, the locks you want to add. And there, let your imagination run free, because there are a multitude of textures, lengths, crimps and colors for your Brazilian locks. It is the technique of braided weaving.
  • Another option is weaving with glue. It is a technique which requires a special adhesive suitable for hair, but which is suddenly less natural. The locks of hair are glued directly to your scalp. Unlike the first technique, your hair is not braided, but mixed with the strands that you add.

black brazilian weaving

As a rule, the weaving technique is preferred by girls, because weaving sticks, can cause small technical problems. There are many testimonies of girls who have had a bad experience: glue that plucks their hair, glue that does not stick or even glue that damages the hair!

In addition,braided weaving or mat weaves better and keeps much longer. It is also easier to style your hair with a braid. Whatever happens, it is necessary, whatever the technique, to maintain your hair with specific care to protect the locks from heat, from the hair dryer or even straighteners or curling irons.

brazilian weaving

Here is a list of 5 cuts to adopt for next summer:

1. The Tie and Dye is the perfect trend for weaving! Indeed, this technique which consists in coloring the ends of your hair dries and damages a lot. Thanks to Brazilian hair extensions, you can lighten them and change your style whenever you want, while keeping the natural color of your roots.

2. For a beautiful volume and pretty friezes, opt for a golden brown or a Venetian blonde in curly mode. A little spray will help them to give them volume and in addition, it is easy to maintain.

3. As Beyoncé likes to wear it, the slightly wavy square cut, a little blurred with a nice blonde gradient! Very trendy and easy to make with Brazilian weaving.

weaving 2
4. Classic weaving, long curly and ebony black! Chic and elegant, this master key is ideal to achieve thanks to the volume that Brazilian extensions will give you. Just remember to maintain the curls with a good nourishing and repairing mask for curly hair.

5. The plunging square, smooth and completely blond! It is the simple cut to carry out thanks to a weaving in all simplicity which will give material to your hair with an easy disentangling. Ideal for tanned skin, just consider using a protective termo cream when using the straightener.

    As you can see, Brazilian weaving is the perfect solution to change the cut as much as you want! Whether it is the addition of bangs, wavy hair, beautiful curls or even trendy coloring, now everything is allowed!