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Installation of hair extensions

You want to lengthen your haircut or increase your hair volume. The problem is, you don't want to wait months or weeks for your hair to grow. Indeed, it takes time. You have chosen to opt for hair extensions. But before you start you need to check that your natural hair supports it.

Hot hair extensions

- hair extensions hot require strong natural hair. Indeed, this technique does not damage the hair if your hair is resistant. The hairdressers apply the extensions hot using keratin.

Keratin is a substance that treats hair. It is also used for Brazilian straightening. And for the installation of hair extensions, it acts as a "glue". But as professionals use a warming product to apply hot extensions, your hair still needs to be resistant.

hair extensions

Cold hair extensions

Cold hair extensions have small iron rings. It is these rings that hold the hair extensions. This technique does not damage the hair but the rings are still made of iron. Your hair must be strong and healthy to avoid breaking.

Clip in hair extensions

For this technique, however, your hair does not need to be particularly resistant. The clips are like bars. They therefore do not damage the hair at all. But to use this type of hair extensions, make sure your hair is thick enough. Otherwise, those around you will easily see that you have extensions. Because the clips will be visible.

Our advice

For the installation of hair extensions, we advise you to go to a hairdresser, even if you buy your strands not lines. The hairdresser will know exactly how to make you look natural.