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Natural hair extensions techniques

You want to change, to give volume and length to your hairstyle and have opted for natural hair extensions but you do not know which extension techniques you will choose? Find in this article the different techniques of laying natural hair extensions to choose the one that suits you and finally take the plunge!

Natural cold hair extensions

This technique of applying hair extensions also called “micro-ring” or “micro-fixation” is particularly used for those who want to obtain fairly resistant locks made of 100% natural hair. By means of small rings of the same color as the hair, the extension is applied cold and therefore does not present any danger for the scalp.

Some hairdressing professionals have modified this technique by fixing the lock of natural hair with a tiny cylinder-shaped ring that is discreetly attached very close to the hairline. They have not all adopted this technique but you can find a hairdresser near you who offers this service.

cold hair extensions

The technique of applying natural hair extensions when cold makes it possible to obtain fairly resistant hair additions regardless of the texture or the length of the lock chosen. This technique also allows you to easily remove them when you want to find your natural hair.

Natural cold hair extensions can also be carried out using "synthetic keratin" which is a vegetable glue. This will allow the hair extensions to be bonded strand by strand.

Natural hot hair extensions

The hot extensions are made from heating tongs and straighteners which apply keratin to your natural hair to fix and stick your locks. The keratin then becomes invisible when drying so that your natural hair extensions are fixed discreetly and blends perfectly with your own hair.

With this laying technique, the extensions are fixed relatively solidly at 5 millimeters from the hairline, but still avoid pulling your hair too suddenly by brushing it so as not to detach your extensions.

brown hair extensions

Clip-on natural hair extensions

Clip-on natural hair extension is the simplest form of fitting and removing extensions. Indeed, you can change your hairstyle every day as you wish because you only have to clip the capillary additions fitted with plastic clips to your hair.

This technique is the simplest and fastest extension technique in terms of installation and removal. It is also the most used by those who do not wish to go to a hairdresser to ask for their extensions.

wavy hair extensions 2

small tip : for your hair extensions to be invisible, you must not clip them either in the neck or on either side of a hair part. Take care to click them within your natural hair mass so that your hair is homogeneous.


Are you interested in our ladies? Here it is: we have a preference for the installation of natural hair extensions in cold because this technique allows a resistant installation without damaging your own hair and in all discretion to bluff those around you. If you are hesitating between two techniques, test one and then another, then choose the one that suits you best!