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How does Brazilian weaving work?

Do you want to have the most natural hair extensions possible? Brazilian weaving is today the most trendy and top-of-the-range technique on the hair extensions market. Made from real human hair from Brazil, this type of lock is popular for the quality of the hair and its wide selection of locks.

The Brazilian weaving technique

To make a Brazilian weaving, you must first braid natural hair from the root. They are braided so as to form tracks on which the extensions will be sewn. Without this step impossible to proceed with the installation of Brazilian braids.

For a natural effect, several layers of locks of your own hair are usually left on the front, back and sides of your head. This is an important step to give the impression that you have no extensions, because they will be hidden by your natural hair.

black brazilian weaving

Brazilian weavings are very appreciated by women with thick and dense hair, because on them, weaving gives a very natural look. Be aware that it is a very long process, counting several hours or half a day depending on the number of wicks you want to put.

In order for the whole to hold and for the result to be as natural as possible, a very tight weaving must be carried out, which can cause pain. Indeed, the pressure exerted on the scalp can cause pain according to people. Know this before you start to prepare yourself psychologically.

scissor weaving

Do I have to hire a professional?

The simplest is actually to go to a specialized hair salon:

Once you have chosen your locks and the type of hairstyle you want to have, it is recommended to go see a professional to apply the additions. Indeed, it is a rather difficult technique to perform for a novice and you are sure to have a better result with a professional hairdresser.
Furthermore, this classic technique is difficult to perform on fine hair.

This is why professional hairdressers have developed an alternative technique:

To facilitate the installation, the hairdresser uses a hair net, directly placed on the base of the natural hair where he will sew the extensions on. This technique allows for a more natural effect and more respect for the hair, avoiding damaging it. It is the perfect solution for fragile or brittle hair.

brazilian weaving 6

How long can I keep my Brazilian weaving?

Whatever type of wicks you have chosen, it is advisable to ask the hairdresser who puts the locks on you how long you can keep them. But the maximum duration of a weaving is about four months. It varies between six and eight weeks, especially if you want to let your natural hair grow. If you exceed this period of 4 months you take great risks of damaging your hair in the long term.

Note that with a sewn weaving you can change the type of hairstyle several times. You can play on the length, color, texture, but also the volume and density of your hair. The prices of locks are affordable and they are adaptable to different hair textures.


Now that you know how to make a Brazilian weave, find out about the type of Brazilian locks that will be most suitable for your type of hair. Ask a hairstylist specializing in the installation of hair extensions to buy the right ones, then have them installed directly by them.