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Vacation natural hair extensions

The palm trees, the heat, the sun, the coconut palms… One of the little happinesses (rather great happiness in fact) of life that one waits patiently to fully enjoy when the time has finally arrived… Vacation time ! Those with natural hair extensions might wonder if their hair needs special treatment during this time of year, dear. In this article, we will see what habits to adopt to preserve the quality of your natural wicks.

Small gestures to do every day

Know that in the sun, you must protect your natural hair extensions from chlorine, the sun or even salt from sea water which make the extensions dry and brittle. This is why it is necessary that each time you go swimming in the pool or in sea water, you think to cover your head with a waterproof swimming cap if you want to swim your head underwater like a mermaid.
If you just want to swim without putting your head and therefore your natural locks underwater, you do not need to cover your head with a bathing cap but be sure to tie your hair up so that the tips of your extensions hair is not in contact with water.
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For those for whom summer rhymes with tanning and who like to bask for hours in the sun, remember to soak your natural hair extensions several times a day with a “protective sun spray”. This will allow your natural locks to maintain their flexibility, color and shine without becoming rough, hard and dull.

The types of products to use

- Natural oils: take care to wash your hair after each swim and remember to integrate natural oils into your ritual. Before each wash, apply a little natural oil to the length of your hair extensions, paying particular attention to the ends. Then let sit for two hours to thoroughly rehydrate your dried out extension before washing your hair. The most suitable oils to use for this summer treatment are jojoba oil, coconut oil and castor oil. You can get them in pharmacies or at some small traders.

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- Shampoos without silicone and without sukfate: for your washing of your natural hair extensions, use a solar shampoo which does not contain silicone, nor sulfate. You can find these shampoos in pharmacies, in certain organic stores or on certain specialized websites.

- Conditioners and masks without silicone and without glycerin: do not hesitate to apply a conditioner then a hydrating mask without silicone and without glycerine to fortify your natural hair extensions and restore their suppleness.

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Little tip!

Notice to those who, like Sleeping Beauty, like to sleep with their hair loose! It is best to sleep the natural hair extensions plaited back. With this hairstyle, your Brazilian extensions will avoid knots and the untangling of the next day will be much softer


Yes, be pretty in summer and don't hesitate to wear your natural hair extensions on a deckchair with a cocktail in hand! Just be vigilant when caring for your Brazilian locks and adopt the little habits that we mentioned above and voila!