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Learn more about Brazilian weaving

Brazilian weaving is the solution that allows you to change your look in a few minutes. If you want to change your hair color, weaving is for you. If you want to make a ombre hair or a tie and dye but you don't want to color your own hair, weaving is the solution for you.

The advantages of Brazilian weaving

You can change length without waiting months, change volume without doing a perm or care. Weaving has many advantages.

Your natural hair stays intact and rests under your protective hairstyle. Protective hairstyle, this is what we call Brazilian weaving which "protects" your scalp.

The ideas received from Brazilian weaving

Be vigilant ladies. Many believe that this type of weaving is systematically 100% natural. It's wrong. There are indeed Brazilian weavings which are natural and made up of real human hair. These weavings, on the other hand belong to grades.

A 100% natural weave is a Grade 1A virgin Remy Hair weave.. If you get this type of Brazilian weaving, know that you can use it as if it were your own hair.

Discolorations, colorations, smoothing or curls do not refuse you anything. On the other hand, think of doing regular care on your new hair. Mask, care and oils should be your best friends.

For what types of hair?

Women with Afro and European hair wear weaves. In fact, whatever the nature of your hair, what is important is that your hair is not too thin. If they are too fine, the Brazilian weaving will break them.

Indeed, the hairdressing professional braids your natural hair around your skull. And it is on these braids that he sews the weaving. This requires having fairly strong and resistant natural hair, whether short or long.