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Recognizing Brazilian wicks

In this article we will explain how you can recognize Brazilian locks. There are several locks of several origins: Indian or Malaysian for example. The choice is important in the market. And in the article below we will help you in your choice.

Indian hair

Indian hair can be recognized because it is fine. They are very light. For smoothing they are perfect but if you want beautiful curls they are not the best. They look too smooth for you to curl.

The effect will at best be wavy but never looped.

brazilian locks

Brazilian locks

Brazilian wicks are among the best known. Don't hesitate to get it from Brazil Hair Shop if this is the type of wicks you are looking for. They are bright and soft. The nature of Brazilian locks means that they can be both smooth, curly or wavy.

They can be smooth, wavy or curly. When they are smooth, they do not require much maintenance. But be careful not to abandon them either. Always make sure your Brazilian locks are properly hydrated. Not too much so as not to suffocate them. We have to find a happy medium.

It is often hair with a treated texture. It is important to know that the vast majority of "Brazilian" wicks found on the French market are most often Indian hair harvested from temples and used by Brazilian companies. It is, for once, what they have more Brazilian.

Malaysian hair

Malaysian hair is very shiny, a little too shiny at times. But the shine is less intense after about 3 shampoos. Malaysian hair is hair that brings a lot of volume. They are still recent on the market and the female clientele is currently testing them.