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Maintenance natural hair extensions

Need a hair renewal by adding volume, length or modifying your basic texture? Opt for extensions of natural hair ! It is important to consider that depending on the type of lock chosen you will enjoy between 3 and 6 months of your new hairstyle provided that it is well maintained.

But how should we maintain this new type of hair, which is more and more popular among women? In this article, you will discover what are the different techniques used to preserve color, shine and the flexibility of your natural hair extensions.

Maintenance of extensions how to do?

Wash her natural hair extensions regularly

The routine of maintenance that you must take daily to maintain the quality of your extensions durably is quite simply to take care of it as if it were your own hair. Especially since this interview will treat your own hair; so kill two birds with one stone!

Indeed, with natural hair extensions you will wear, as their name suggests, you will wear extensions based on natural human hair. As if it were your hair, it needs to be clean, cared for and hydrated. So, do not hesitate to wash your extensions once or twice a week, rarely more, unless you do sports every day so as not to dry out your natural additions.

hair extensions care

Shampoo and conditioner

Use a moisturizing shampoo that does not dry the hair, then continue your maintenance ritual by applying your conditioner and finally your nourishing hair mask.

Should I apply a nourishing cream without rinsing in addition? Do not hesitate ! This can only be beneficial for your natural hair extensions! But be careful not to put too much on so that your natural hair extensions do not appear oily. Also, applying too much fat on your natural strands will suffocate the hair which will lose its quality and its shine.

Daily maintenance

For your daily styling, it is advisable to use a hair brush specially designed for natural hair extensions so that they preserve their flexibility and that they avoid knots. Do not be too crude not to tear off your natural additions and not to damage the tips.

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If you meet a huge knot (yes! It even happens on beautiful natural locks), especially do not be relentless in pulling on the knot and forcing on the brush. Gently untangle the lock from bottom to top from the tip to the hairline to keep your extension intact. No more torn hair and split ends due to too rough detangling!

If you have opted for keratin extensions or glued with vegetable glue, avoid brushing as this may take off your extensions. On the other hand, you can completely curl them with a curling iron or smooth them with a straightening iron without pulling too much on them. The high heat does not damage your own hair.


A natural hair extension cannot be applied to hair that is too short, that is to say less than 7 cm, or to hair that is too dry and brittle. If so, your hair will be at risk of falling out or being pulled out.

Indeed, the purpose of natural hair strands is to enhance your mane and not to damage your own hair!

Do not put your hair extensions on a parting or on the nape either. No it does not damage your hair but, If you want to make a high ponytail or a bun and we see the glue of your extensions on your neck ... It is not very aesthetic right?

hair extensions style


The texture of your natural hair extension should never be different from that of your own hair so that your volume looks natural. The goal is still to deceive and bluff those around you! So remember that the key to the beauty of your natural hair extensions is regular maintenance with quality products.