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Brazilian weaving tips: recognize the quality

In the article below we will explain how you can recognize quality hair. Indeed, Brazilian weavings are composed of different hair. They can be synthetic or natural or real human hair. The hair used for weaving is therefore classified into several categories. You will find out everything below.

The visual aspect of hair

The first thing to do to recognize quality hair is to focus on the visual aspect. Indeed, if the hair appears and unsightly it is that they are necessarily of good quality. A real hair, for example, has no thread sticking out. One to two threads can happen but beyond that you have to be careful, your Brazilian weaving will have a poor quality appearance.

The hair texture of your Brazilian weaving

Texture is the second thing you need to focus on. For example, Brazilian hair is not completely straight, but it is more straight than Indian hair. Also, they are only extremely shiny like Malaysian hair. If we tell you that a particular hair is Brazilian but that it does not have these characteristics, it means that the designers have modified it and therefore weakened it. Or it means that the hair is not even natural.

The smell of hair

The other thing to consider is the smell. Always feel the hair. If they smell petroleum for example, beware! This means that the designers have applied a lot of products to your future Brazilian weaving. He is fragile.

Grades and appellations

The hair of Brazilian weaving, even when it is natural, is of more or less good quality. Grades classify them. A means that the quality is optimal. The closer the letter gets to Z, the poorer the quality. Numbers precede letters. The higher the number, the more quality and natural the hair.

Also, natural hair can have the name Remy Hair or Remy Hair virgin. If your hair is Remy Hair it means that it is natural but modified. If your Brazilian weaving is virgin Remy Hair, this means that the hair is human, 100% natural. No one has ever applied a chemical on it.