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3 tips to maintain Brazilian weaving

You have just done a Brazilian smoothing, but you don't know how to maintain it? Indeed, there are so many products on the market, but what to choose? Contrary to popular belief, it is preferable to avoid all too oily products (shea butter, pure coconut oil, etc.), because Brazilian weaves are natural hair that behaves like Caucasian hair.

1. Which products to choose?

The golden rule: avoid silicone, scan the list of ingredients in your product and avoid the terms “dimethicone or trimethicone”. Which are the most used silicones on the market. Indeed, silicone gives your hair a more shiny appearance and makes it possible to untangle the hair much more easily.

Why deprive yourself of it? Because silicone causes negative effects on wicks. It covers the hair, suffocates it, and in the long term, dries up and makes the hair dry and brittle. In addition, by plugging the hair fiber, know that all the care products that you will then use will have no effect on your natural hair.

Finally, in the long term it makes the hair dry and brittle, because your hair will get used to the silicone and the silicone will not even make more shiny and supple hair.

For a good maintenance of your Brazilian weaving, here is a list of products to use without silicone if possible:

natural brazilian weaving

  • Choose a mild, nourishing and repairing shampoo
  • Then it is advisable to use a conditioner to repair the hair much more deeply, nourish it and avoid brittle hair and dry ends.
  • Once a week, consider making a restorative mask that you leave on for longer than a conditioner and which will be much more restorative than any treatment.
  • For daily maintenance, use a spray to facilitate brushing and disentangling your Brazilian weaving.
  • Finally, if you use a hair dryer or straightener, it is mandatory to use a spray or a heat-protective treatment to prevent these heating machines from damaging or worse, from burning your hair.

weaving brushing

2. Watch out for the heat

It is important to know that heat is the worst enemy of your Brazilian weaving. Indeed under the effect of heat, the hair cuticles open and become much more vulnerable to external aggressions. This makes it more fragile, more brittle and much drier. Hair will also tend to tangle more quickly.

So take precautions:

When you wash your hair, prefer lukewarm water, not too hot. If you are not chilly cold water and besides the best option for your wicks.

Once washed, remove the excess water with a clean towel without pulling too much and ideally allow them to air dry. If you are using a hairdryer, use the cold air option.

Finally, if you use a straightener, do not forget to apply a thermoprotective care to protect them from the harmful effects of heat.

brazilian weaving 3

3. The importance of brushing

Brazilian smoothing is delicate. Brushing with a soft bristle brush is recommended. Ideally if you can brush with your hands and apply a smoothing treatment to help them unravel, this is the best option.

Remember that your locks are braided to your head so you should not pull too hard to prevent them from coming off or having a less natural look in the long term. So take it easy on brushing.

Small tip, you can start to untangle the tips before going back to the roots. This will facilitate disentangling and prevent you from pulling too hard on the strands.


To keep your smoothing as long as possible, you must therefore respect your hair.

In addition to all the advice we have seen for daily maintenance, avoid the colorings which damage the strands enormously. Limit the use of straighteners or curling irons. Avoid using too many often chemical styling products and above all pay close attention to the components of all your cleaning products.